44 health walkers from all stages during the last 10 years celebrated our anniversary today. On display were some original registers showing the history of the walks.

Looking back to 2005 there were 5 leaders trained to lead health walks and, following a publicity campaign, our first walk on 4th May consisted of 4 leaders and 4 walkers.

Numbers rose to the steady teens for a couple of years, then into the twenties and suddenly rocketed up into the low 40s in 2014. The group has always been not just sociable, but also interesting and active, including in its support for the heath. Our warm up exercises were filmed by the
Colchester RecCreate project in 2005 and distributed to other areas in the
borough, but our main claim to fame was an article in 2010 in an international World Wildlife Fund research report on ‘The contribution of protected areas to
human health’.

We now have 8 trained leaders who have been the mainstay of the success of the walks, and are much appreciated. The walks are now administered by The Ramblers and MacMillan and we recently received accreditation from them. If you would like to join us on a Wednesday morning, just turn up at 10.30am and introduce yourself to us. We walk anything up to 2 miles, but it’s possible to do a shorter walk if you’d prefer and, by the way, we do end up at The Ship – for coffee of course.