We received through Facebook yesterday evening a report of 5 dogs being killed by poisoning on Tiptree Heath. The heath warden and Trustees had heard no previous reports and, after contacts with local vets in Tiptree, Witham, Maldon and Colchester, with the help of Kerry, a dog walker, we established that these vets had also heard nothing.
Walkers have seen no signs of antifreeze deposited in the few puddles that
remain on the site and have not themselves reported any concerns about anything else they’d seen.

The lady who had posted the report was genuinely concerned at what she had heard from others and had decided to post a message. I have asked her to get one of her contacts to ring me to give further details.

While awaiting these details we are treating the news seriously and warning notices have been posted around the car park and on nearby gates, and regular patrols are being carried out.

Anyone walking their dog on the Heath is advised to keep the dog on a lead and be vigilant, and if they have any concerns contact their own vet. Any more details can be obtained
from me on 07842 110051.

We will add to this update as soon as we have any further information.

Joan Pinch

Tiptree Heath